Ordinary people in northern Iraq have witnessed unspeakable human sorrow.

One of our workers, Daniel, wrote of seeing along the roadside thousands of Arabs and Kurds—survivors of atrocities with nowhere to go.

Recently Daniel bought a carload of rice, cooking oil, and flour. He took it to the warehouse where the government was distributing food. The shelves were empty except for what he brought.

Daniel writes,

Thousands have lost their lives. Hundreds have been sold into slavery. Human rights have been trampled.

Our hope is in the great King Jesus, who is called Faithful and True—who is coming in righteousness to right every wrong committed in Iraq and to bring judgment against those who do evil. Our hope is in the Gospel, which is so much stronger than ISIS, so much stronger than Satan, and so much stronger than sin.

Through His cross, Christ has purchased people who are without hope and brought them into His light. No matter what the situation—in genocide, in war, in persecution—the Gospel cannot fail. It will continue to advance and is advancing—especially as we see many who are becoming disenchanted with the ways of sin and war and who are longing for the true King. And, most of all, our hope is in God.

What ISIS means for evil, God has meant for good. He will complete His work. He is better than anything—better than a home, better than a community, better than life itself.

We believe God is calling Christians to go and live in Iraq. Not just to hand out supplies for a few days—but to live there, for the sake of all that is good, for the sake of Jesus Christ’s name, for the sake of humanity.

So, if you are living in fear, ignore this. Shake your head that there could be such crazy people in the world like Daniel and others who believe that God’s loving kindness is better than life.

If you have been looking for an excuse to hate followers of Islam, then simply look to the evils happening in Muslim countries.

But if you have been unable to shake the thought that Christ is the answer—that salvation belongs to the Lamb of God who sits on the throne—then pray with us or get in touch with us.

Perfect love casts out fear and we love because God first loved us (1 John 4:18-19).

Don’t live your life in fear. Live your life for God.