Millions of Syrians have fled their country and crossed borders into surrounded countries like Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Many of these refugee men and women are disenchanted with Islam due to the abuses they have experienced at the hands of other Muslims. Frontiers workers describe a new eagerness among Syrians to embrace the secure hope that we have in Christ.

One Frontiers team working in a refugee camp reports,

God is moving in an unparalleled way among the Syrian people. As we went from home to home, visiting families that have been displaced because of the Syrian war, we heard every heartbreaking story one can imagine. In each refugee home we visited, we saw the same thing: a crisis of faith because of the evil that they were being exposed to in the name of Islam.

“The harvest is ripe, and we must pick now. It cannot wait!”

God is using evil for good. In all our visits, over several cups of tea, we shared the good news of Jesus, explaining how his sacrifice covers all sin. We discussed Jesus and His work, and in every single home we visited, God opened eyes and hearts. Yes, you read that correctly. Every single home yielded fruit… We have an overwhelming sense that the harvest in this part of the world is ripe and we must pick now. It cannot wait!

Pray for Syrian refugees, that many would have the chance to hear the Gospel as workers minister to them with compassion and love.

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