Many will hear,
few will

Millions of Muslims will never experience the gift of God’s redeeming love through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ unless they hear about it from someone like you.

The need is great, but the workers are few.

Go With Frontiers' experience

We’ve invested over 30 years serving in some of the hardest places in the world. When you go with Frontiers, our resources and people are available to you so that your ministry can be fruitful long-term.

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Go With the Frontiers Difference

We're compelled by our mission to, with love and respect, invite all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. Here’s what makes Frontiers unique:

Our priority is reaching unengaged Muslim people groups—­populations that have no viable, sustainable Gospel witness in their midst.
We seek to be full of grace toward one another within biblical parameters. We honor different convictions about theological emphases and ministry approaches.
Everything we do contributes toward planting healthy, reproducing churches through teams of obedient disciples who produce other disciples in the Muslim world.
Our approach is field-led. Team leaders make decisions for their own context and, collectively, for the organization.
Our teams serve together with a common vision for a region and the freedom to adopt and pursue locally appropriate strategies.
Eager for coaching and accountability
We believe that ordinary people can successfully plant churches in the Muslim world, provided they are eager for coaching and upgrading.
Join over 1200 Frontiers workers serving in more than 40 countries to bring the Gospel to the least-reached Muslim people groups in the world.

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