Northeast Africa


About the Region

Northeast Africa is one of Frontiers’ priority regions. Its three countries—Chad, Sudan, and South Sudan—have experienced extensive political unrest. Due to traditional tribal migration patterns, many Muslim people groups have seen their clans separated by international borders.

This creates unique opportunities for long-term workers to live and share the Good News with unengaged Muslim people groups that were previously inaccessible due to geopolitical challenges.

Quick facts
  • Population: 66 million people
  • Approximately 72% Muslim
  • Estimated 116 unengaged Muslim people groups of 10,000 or more
  • 94 different languages spoken within Sudan alone

Photos from the Region

Regional Needs

Devoted messengers of the Gospel are needed in this region of diverse cultures and political complexity. Those interested in partnering with humanitarian organizations will find abundant opportunities to share the Good News in even the most remote parts of the region.

With your help, it’s possible to see reproducing movements to Jesus among Northeast Africa’s 100+ unengaged Muslim people groups.

How to Pray

  • Ask the Lord to send more cross-cultural workers with professional skills who are unafraid to live simply for Christ in remote areas.
  • Pray that God would fan the faith of Sudan’s small community of believers to join Him in establishing His church among Muslims.
  • Pray for new field workers skilled as doctors, educators, and engineers to help bring lasting healing.
  • Ask that righteous political leaders would recognize and serve the true needs of the nation.

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