Southwest Asia

Quick facts
  • Population:  225 million people
  • Approximately 97% Muslim
  • Estimated 21 unengaged Muslim people groups of 10,000+
  • Home to some of the oldest known civilizations


The countries of Southwest Asia frequently make the front page news. Major populations of unengaged Muslim people groups are stretched across political boundaries in the region, and many live in difficult places marked by conflict or political tension.

The challenge of reaching those who have yet to hear the Gospel is surrounded by a host of complexities related to geography, security, politics, and war. Strategies to reach these peoples require both simple faith and sophisticated initiatives.

Photos from Southwest Asia

Regional needs

Bringing the Gospel to every unengaged Muslim people group in Southwest Asia requires flexibility and perseverance. Current teams are in great need of new field workers with the right combinations of skills, calling, and personal resilience to catalyze movements to Jesus Christ.

Frontiers is committed to providing mentoring, training, and skills development for prospective candidates to prepare them for effectiveness and longevity in the countries of Southwest Asia.

Gaining residency among some unengaged Muslim people groups in the region requires more nuanced approaches to planting churches.

How to pray

  • Pray for God to raise up English teachers and civil engineers (particularly those skilled in water and sanitation) to serve in this difficult region.
  • Ask God to give workers perseverance in light of socio-political dynamics that demand flexibility and mobility.
  • Pray that spiritual oppression would be lifted off this region, resulting in hearts softened towards the Gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to give workers wisdom and discernment as they partner with other ministries and organizations on strategic initiatives.

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