Church-Based Teams

What is a Church-based Team?

A Church-Based Team comes from a church that takes ownership over its God-given vision to make an impact in the Muslim world. These teams are sent to start disciple-making movements among those who are least reached by the Gospel.

Many churches desire to be used by God to reach the nations. A major obstacle, however, is knowing how bring their vision to life.

Frontiers’ Church-Based Teams staff come alongside your church and equip you to support and care for the people you send. Meanwhile, other staff provide essential coaching and training to prepare your team to minister effectively to Muslims.


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What People Are Saying

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Our church’s global outreach endeavors have been radically transformed since deciding to send a [Frontiers] CBT. The interest level in seeing the unreached come into the Kingdom has exploded, the desire to reach out to Muslims in our community has expanded into a variety of forms, and commitment to corporate prayer for the unreached has taken root. Sending a CBT has inspired, challenged, and stretched our church to take greater ownership of mission endeavors around the world.
Mark Shelter Executive Pastor at River City Christian
We have grown a lot together over the last two years [since our CBT arrived on the field]. Hardly a week goes by that I am not reminded of how thankful I am for my teammates’ support, partnership, and presence here sustaining us. There’s no doubt we would have packed up and headed back to the U.S. by now without them.
Current Team Member On a Vineyard Church-Based Team
As a church that cares about the unreached, we want to think strategically about how we participate in the global expansion of the Gospel. Through partnership with Frontiers, we have a clear way forward to express our vision for the unreached. We are so thankful for the expertise, support, and relationship we’ve received from Frontiers as we begin to send Church-Based Teams.
Britt Merrick Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Reality Carpinteria

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If your church community desires to expand its global vision to reach Muslims for the Gospel, we want to hear from you. Discover how Church-Based Teams can prepare your church to make disciples, plant new fellowships, and start movements to Christ among Muslims.

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